Service Delivery Models

Agency-Based Provider Model

  • DSPD contracts with a large number of privately owned provider companies who provide a large variety of services across the state.
  • Many provider companies specialize in delivering a particular type of service or meeting the needs for a particular type of disability. It is important to know that you have a choice in selecting a provider and are free to determine what services will provide you or your loved one with the best care for your situation.
  • The state certifies and/or licenses these providers, and DSPD works closely with them to monitor the quality of the services they provide.

Self-Administered Services Model

  • Self-Administered Services (SAS) offers an alternative to Agency-Based Provider Services by allowing people with disabilities and their families to select services that are provided within their home
  • Under the SAS Model, People with disabilities and their families are able to hire,
    train, and supervise the employees providing the support to the person. This gives a person or a person’s family more control over who provides supports and services to them, but also requires a greater degree of dedication from the family
  • All families who use the SAS model must hire a Fiscal Agent who is responsible to provide financial services for the person, and assist with things such as payroll

Utah State Developmental Center (USDC)

USDC is Utah’s only state-operated intermediate care facility for people with intellectual disabilities (ICF/ID), which is a 24-hour institutional setting. The Center offers intensive medical, behavioral, psychological and dental services to those over age 18. Admissions are limited and require an intensive screening or a court commitment process.
Please check out additional information at USDC’s Website