Our economy and society becomes more resilient when all people have the opportunity to gain employment in our community, including people of all abilities.


Why it Matters:



Individualized job exploration, placement, and career mobility for people in services.

Employment is key to the Division’s Mission Statement of supporting people to lead self-determined lives and be full participants in their communities. Employment can provide greater opportunities for self-determination and integration into the community.

The Division collects and reviews many sources of information to improve the employment outlook for people in services.

More about Employment

Employment First is a national initiative that encompasses policies, legislation, and system change efforts leading to increased community-based employment for people with disabilities. The Division is a named agency in Utah’s Employment First Priority legislation, 2011 House Bill 240. This law supports and gives priority to services that assist the person in obtaining and retaining meaningful employment.
House Bill 240 – Employment First Priority

The Division has designed and is implementing a strategic plan for supporting the Employment First Initiative. The plan includes four strategic areas; Stakeholder Education and Outreach, Financing and Contract Methods, Services and Service Innovation, and Performance Measurement. The Division is collaborating with the national Employment First State Leadership Mentoring Program (EFSLMP) to develop each of these core areas. Additionally, stakeholders are collaborating in an Employment First Task Force.