Disabilities Advisory Council

Services for People with Disabilities
The Disabilities Advisory Council (DAC) is a group of stakeholders from the disability community who provide regular input, review and evaluation of DSPD's services and policies. Members share their thoughts on different disability-related topics, discuss changes in the DSPD system, and participate in quarterly meetings.
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Member Description

Members of the Disabilities Advisory Council must include:

  • The Director of DSPD
  • The Director of the Department of Health or Bureau of Authorization and Community Based Services (or a designee)
  • Two people with disabilities who are receiving DSPD services in the community
  • Two family members of people with disabilities who are receiving DSPD services in the community
  • One person with disabilities or family member waiting for services from DSPD
  • One person or family member receiving services from the Utah State Developmental Center or private ICF/ID
  • Two home or community based providers of DSPD services from the private sector
  • Two support coordinators of DSPD services from the private sector


Members of the Disability Advisory Council are expected to:

  • Bring concerns from the disability community to the attention of the Chairperson
  • Actively participate in and contribute to Council discussions
  • Complete assigned tasks or, if unable to do so, let the Chairperson know that you are unable to meet a due date
  • Attend meetings regularly and prepare for meetings in advance by reading materials or talking with DSPD staff and others

Time Commitment & Membership Terms

The Disability Advisory Council meets for two hours at least quarterly (four times per year). Additional meetings may be held based on the call of the chairperson or by request by a majority of the members of the council.

Members are appointed for a term of three years and may be reappointed for one additional three-year term.

Current Members

  • Shirlee Draper (Chair)
  • Neil Allred (Co-Chair)
  • Susan Blamires
  • Kelly Holt
  • Tamera Dalton
  • Mary Jones
  • Jordyn Peterson
  • Angella Pinna
  • John Shoemaker
  • Carla Thorne
  • Stephanie Roach

Contact Information

If you have any questions or would like to apply over the phone, contact Nikolena Butterfield by email at nbutterfield@utah.gov or by phone at (385) 415-9908.

How to Join the Council

All members of the Disabilities Advisory Council besides the Director of DSPD must apply and be approved by the executive director of the Department of Health & Human Services before they can serve on the council. It typically takes about a month from the time you apply to receive an official response.

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Members and the public can choose to participate in meetings in-person or virtually.

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