The Division of Services for People with Disabilities (DSPD) and the Office of Quality and Design (OQD) have partnered to develop the Employment Preparation or EPR service code. This is a pre-vocational service that provides individualized learning and work experience that contribute to employability in Competitive Integrated Employment. To support everyone in navigating this new service code, we have created guidance for providers, Support Coordinators, and individuals and their families. 

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6 month Transition period for Epr:

Providers currently using a Day Services code to provide pre vocational supports will need to begin adapting your programs to meet the requirements of the EPR code. Please work with individuals and their support teams to choose the service that best meets the individual’s needs and preferences. The period to transition Day Services into EPR code compliance will end Aug. 31, 2021. After Aug. 31, Day Service codes will no longer be allowed for services that are vocational in nature.