Intermediate Care Facility Transition Program


The ICF Transition Program is a way for individuals with disabilities living in an Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) to move to another place, like a group home or other community setting. The program is voluntary, meaning that it is the individual’s choice whether or not they participate. If an individual chooses not to participate at this time, they can choose to participate in the future. In order to be eligible for the program, the individual must be a current resident of an ICF, currently have a one year stay in the ICF, and be eligible for Medicaid.

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Available transition program services

Home and community based services (HCBS) provide supports that are similar to those offered in an Intermediate Care Facility. Community based services can be provided in an apartment, home, or group home. Community based services offer choice to live with family and friends in an area you desire, help people move into homes and apartments as an alternative to facility based care, and offer support services that meet each person’s unique daily needs including help with medication and medical support. The services below are commonly accessed by individuals participating in the transition program. An education and in-reach transition specialist can talk with you more about the full service array available to individuals participating in HCBS.

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