How the Waiting List Works

Once DSPD has determined a person’s eligibility to receive state services, that person is placed on the waiting list.

Unfortunately, DSPD is usually not able to offer immediate services and often must wait for additional funds from the legislature, which are determined during the March Legislative Session. When DSPD gets funds, people are brought off the waiting list according to “most critical needs.”

Most Critical Needs
  • When DSPD determines that a person is eligible for state funds and places that person on the waiting list, DSPD determines how critical the need for services is by using a standardized evaluation called the Needs Assessment Tool.
  • The Needs Assessment Tool establishes a “needs” score which DSPD uses to rank people in order of most critical needs on the waiting list.
  • It is important to remember that a person’s needs score can be updated at any time.
  • Contact DSPD if something has happened to affect your or your loved one’s needs score.

It is important to note that everyone who is eligible for state services through the Division is also eligible for placement in an Intermediate Care Facility for people with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/ID).

Help Offered to Those on the Waiting List

Changes to Utah Code 62A-5-102 clarified that DSPD is allowed to use certain funds for short-term limited services programs, to provide services to a limited amount of people on the waiting list.

These services are not ongoing and are only available during specified enrollment or selection periods which will be announced periodically as funding becomes available. These services are likely to be limited to a small group of people as specified in the enrollment or selection process.

Services which DSPD may provide include:
  • Respite Care
  • Service Brokering
  • Family Skill Building and Preservation Classes

These services are available only to the extent DSPD has money which has been appropriated from the legislature and may be limited based upon the amount of money given.